The main ambition of the « extempoRMN » project is to develop and propose the medical community, an innovative method to analyze in real time, during a neurosurgery operation, and in a sufficiently short time lapse (about 15 min), the metabolic profile of excised brain tissues by NMR HRMAS. This technique therefore can complete the extemporaneous examination of histological slices during surgical act. The method can provide information on the degree of malignancy of tumors and detect, for some tumors (oligodendroglioma), the presence of specific gene mutations, such as IDH, indicators of better prognosis. We also analyze several samples at the resection cavity in order to detect possible presence of residual tumor infiltration. We plan to project information obtained directly on the neuronavigation system in the operating room. This approach may modify surgical procedure by guiding the neurosurgeon to make new resections if necessary.

Once this method is validated in neurosurgery, an extension to other types of cancers (such as pancreas, breast) could be considered.

The project was certified on 11 december 2012 by the Competitiveness Cluster “Alsace BioValley” and funded, as a part of BpiFrance ISI project, on 27 march 2013, up to 12,7 millions €, through a consortium between the University Hospitals of Strasbourg, Strasbourg University, CNRS, Bruker BioSpin and Ariana Pharmaceuticals.

Project certification: December 2012
Project funding: March 2013
Beginning of the project: October 2013
End of the project: October 2017

  • Targeted metabolomics analyses for brain tumor marging assessment during surgery. D Cakmakci, G Kaynar, C Bund, M Piotto, F Proust, IJ Namer, AE Cicek. Bioinformatics 38: 3238-3244, 2022
  • Machine learning assisted intraoperative assessment of brain tumor margins using HRMAS NMR spectroscopy. D Cakmakci, EO Karakaslar, E Ruhland, MP Chenard, F Proust, M Piotto, IJ Namer, AE Cicek. PLoS Computational Biology 16: e1008184, 2020.

Partners of the project: 

  • Bruker France : M. PIOTTO
  • Ariana Pharma : M. KURAS
  • Department of Neurosurgery, University Hospitals of Strasbourg : Pr F. PROUST
  • Department of Neurosurgery, Hospitals of Colmar : Dr R. SROUR
  • Department of Pathology, University Hospitals of Strasbourg : Pr. M. CHENARD

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