About us

We are a research team expert in metabolomics, working in a medical environment. The main activity of our platform consists in characterizing the metabolic profile of different type of solid biological samples (tissue, cells) from small amounts of biological materials (2 to 15 mg) by high resolution (HR) Magic Angle Spinning (MAS, 54.7°) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR).

HRMAS NMR technique is a powerful, reliable and robust technique that allows rapid spectra acquisition (10 min of acquisition per sample) from intact tissue or cell samples. Using intact samples gives us the power to remove any contamination or damage risk of biological samples, caused by long and time consuming chemical extraction procedures, and to analyze a large number of samples in a short period of time.

The metabolomics platform provides a broad range of metabolomics services including sample analysis, data analysis and interpretation, by HRMAS NMR. We can detect about 50 different metabolites. We utilize different types of uni/multivariate statistical analysis (PCA, PLS-DA, network analysis with ADEMA…) to interpret the results.

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